Package Debugging in WebStorm is Finally supported!

This has been a long time coming. It was a bug I posted back in April that a lot of you guys also wanted fixed. Basically, WebStorm offers debugging (both client side + server side in one interface). The only other solution (just for server side debugging) has been Node-Inspector, which obviously has you going back and forth from the debugger to your actual code. Node-Inspector is also buggy as hell. So hopefully this is better.

To me, it was the most important feature in the WebStorm IDE, and the feature that made me be willing to convert to using it as my main editor. However, you couldn’t debug packages–and the fact of the matter is packages were the main thing I needed to debug. That’s likely the case for anyone clamoring for that feature–i.e. package developers are likely to be more interested in advanced features like debugging than application developers.

So anyway, look out for the link (posted later today in that issue thread) to what you need to download to test this new functionality later today.


Hi, and thanks for sharing this.
But, I can’t get it works for me.

I had a packages directory at the root of my project, and when i tried to put breakpoints in .js (client and server side), my webstorm doesn’t stop on !

I’m using Webstorm 11.0.3.

Is this still on dev or did I miss anything ?