Package for a loading-bar at the top like youtube has?


So I’ve been looking around a bit for a package that adds a response loading bar when you navigate throughout your app, like the one youtube has. I’m not just looking for the visual effect, but it should show how much of the page is loaded (if that make sense).

Is there any package out there for meteor that does this? I’m not really looking for a jquery/javascript plugin, just a package.


There are a couple “packages” for this but unfortunately I believe they depend on other packages that you may not be using in your project.

The first, and meteor specific package multiply:iron-router-progress is tied to Iron Router which as far as I know has fell out of favor and is only poorly maintained if at all.

The second is react-redux-loading-bar which is tied to redux. If you’re using redux, then you’re in luck :slight_smile:.


Unfortunately I don’t. Thanks for your reply though.


And how can this be used like in Meteor?

$(document).on('page:fetch',   function() { NProgress.start(); });
$(document).on('page:change',  function() { NProgress.done(); });
$(document).on('page:restore', function() { NProgress.remove(); });

I do not have turbolinks.