Package for responsive tables


Hey guys, is there any good meteor package for responsive tables that adapt themselves for different devices? I’m using materialize btw. I tried aslagle:reactive-table but i could not make the tables responsive.
Any help would be appreciated!


Just my two cents, but something intuitive for responsive tables doesn’t really exist.

You can either take the Semantic-UI approach of stacking the row data vertically, or the approach of exposing a few select fields and hiding the rest. I haven’t seen a true table-based approach outside of these two that scales to mobile effectively.

I’ve found it more viable to display a table for desktop (and maybe tablet) and to display the data as cards in mobile.

If anyone has an alternative approach to table data on a mobile device, I’d love to see it!

P.S. That being said, you can check out aldeed:tabular, but even getting a decent responsive table out of that can be cumbersome.


Thanks for the anwser!