Package (Iron-router) persists after being removed

I removed (I thought) Iron-router and replaced it with Flow-router.
New router works fine.
meteor list shows no iron router.
.meteor/packages shows no iron router
.meteor/versions does show iron router
AND Iron-router is being built into the project and loaded. I can see the 8 iron-router packages in
Plus a very helpful message at the bottom of my screen from Iron Router.
'Oops, looks like there’s no route on the client…'
How do I get rid of it or find out what’s causing it to stick around?

I’m on the very latest Meteor
Here is a list of my packages

accounts-password 1.1.1
alanning:roles 1.2.13
aldeed:autoform 5.1.2
aldeed:autoform-bs-datepicker 1.1.1
aldeed:collection2 2.3.3
aldeed:delete-button 1.0.0
anti:fake 0.4.1
cfs:autoform 3.0.0+
cfs:filesystem 0.1.2
cfs:graphicsmagick 0.0.18
cfs:standard-packages 0.5.7
dburles:collection-helpers 1.0.3
email 1.0.6
erasaur:meteor-lodash 3.6.0
jquery 1.11.3_
matb33:collection-hooks 0.7.11
meteor-platform 1.2.2
meteorhacks:flow-layout 1.1.1
meteorhacks:flow-router 1.2.0
meteorhacks:subs-manager 1.3.0
momentjs:moment 2.9.0
rajit:bootstrap3-datepicker 1.4.1
reactive-var 1.0.5
sacha:spin 2.0.4
twbs:bootstrap 3.3.4
underscore 1.0.3
useraccounts:bootstrap 1.8.1
wylio:mandrill 0.2.1

useraccounts:bootstrap is the problem …
sorry for the noise.

There’s an ongoing invertigation about using Flow Router with useraccounts: lets check out this thread.

If you wish, you can try to get a local clone of useraccounts:core repository and switch it to the flow-router-integration branch.
This is what seems to be working right now.

Hi, Did you solve this? I have the exact same problem. Removed useraccounts and it still persists. Flow router is working, but still getting that ‘iron router’ message at the top of the page.

for me it was useraccounts … but there are many packages that can have dependency on iron router and I don’t know of a simple way other than examining the package.json file in the root of the GitHub repository for the individual packages. I found my problem the long way by just rebuilding my app one package at a time and then inspecting the files in .meteor/local/build/… where the unwanted iron router would show up.

OK, I’ll try that… Although this confuses me. I would have thought if the package had a dependency on iron router, and iron router had been removed, then the code would break. Not magically still run iron router code and display an iron router message. Thanks for your reply.

A package can have a weak dependency which causes the package to not include the other package. These packages you’re talking about haven’t.

See -> options

Thank you. I found that I had yogiben:admin installed from ages ago when I was testing it out. Removing that did the trick. Thanks for your feedback.

for me was manuelschoebel:ms-seo having iron-router dependency; is there a way to find out all dependencies from every package in the project?

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For me it was houston:admin