Package.js and testing questions

I’d like to make it easy to check out my package from git and allow a user to quickly run and add to tests. But I also don’t want to make a hard link to npm packages that the tests rely on. Is there a way to add npm packages for testing without making them required by the package?

Update: I put the deps in my package.json (distinct from package.js) and that seems to work pretty well. Is it normal these days to require an npm install to run the tests?

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yeah, I think it is normal now

I’ve noticed a fair few packages now will put the meteor package into a subfolder and have the root contain the boilerplate for package development, including package.json for tests etc.

That way the package code shipped to atmosphere is kept nicely separate, while keeping all options open for tooling. Also means you can have a developer focused Readme in the root

That’s a pretty good idea. I tried to leave it simple enough to checkout the project, dump it in your packages directory and get to work. But maybe it’s better to divide it up that way. Thanks.