Package name not containing user name



In the chapter Creating a Meteor Package, to create a new package, when I run:

meteor create --package tenzan:errors

it does’t create a folder


Instead, I’m having, without my username




Meteor no longer creates a folder tenzan:errors (it never created a packages parent folder anyway). From 1.0.4 (for windows compatibility), the created folder will be errors in the folder from which you issued the meteor create --package tenzan:errors command.

If you want your package to be in a parent packages folder, create this folder, go into it and create your package from there:

mkdir packages                   # (md packages if you're using Windows)
cd packages
meteor create --package tenzan:errors

This will create your tenzan:errors package in packages/errors (or packages\errors if you’re using Windows).


Thanks for reply!

Dear @tmeasday @sacha ,

Any plans to update the content of the “Discover Meteor Book”, so that it will reflect the latest changes of Meteor ?

I have a full time work and wouldn’t like to waste my time - any second is priceless to me.

I wouldn’t tell anything, if it was free e-book :smile:



Yep, we’ll put this on our to-do list.