[package] react-form-handler: Form creation and validation in React using SimpleSchema

Having switched from Blaze to React a while ago, the one thing I miss is Autoform. There are many form validation libraries for React out there, but I wanted one that works with my existing collection schemas (made using SimpleSchema). So, I set out to re-create some of the functionality of Autoform in React, and thus my package: coniel:react-form-handler.

I’m just getting started so it’s lacking a lot of functionality and it’s buggy, but you can already create useable forms with it. I’ll be actively developing it over the coming weeks (help and PRs are most welcome). I aim to keep the package as simple a possible, so I don’t think it will ever do everything that Autoform does.

The form input components are separated into their own package, currently I have one for Material UI components and another for Semantic UI components.

I could definitively use some help developing this, so please let me know if you are up for contributing!


I’m right now looking for something like this. Going to start new forms heavy project in the beginning in January. As Blaze is deprecated, autoform is not the right solution anymore, so something similar for React based on SimpleSchema or Astronomy sounds very awesome.

Whats your status on this project? Are you working on it actively? What have to be done to ho out from beta into stable solution?

Hey, thanks for the interest. I am actively working on it, I’ve just been on holiday for a couple of weeks so haven’t updated it for a while. I’ll be doing some updates today. It should be production ready by mid January, as that is when I need it ready for myself.

BTW which UI lib is native for you right now MaterialUI components or SemanticUI components? Or you’re adding same features for both of them at the same time?

Sorry for the late reply, been on holiday.

I’m adding the same features to both as far as possible (there may be a few differences as the components are different).

I am trying to use react-form-handler-semantic-ui in my project, but i have some difficulties. Is there some working sample for this.
And above you wrote that “It should be production ready by mid January” , what is the status now?

Thank you,

Hey, what are your difficulties?

I’ll try and create a working example this week, if you have a look at the react-form-handler package readme it shows how to use it.

I think it’s usable in production. The only thing really missing is the display of error messages beyond “Required”. I’ll add that today (haven’t had time to update it for a while, but one of my sites is going into production tomorrow so I need to do it).

It will be great to see working example.
I can not understand how to display validation error messages. Even I can not see them on debug mode.
I am planning to use inside wizard like component with several steps. So when I push submit, the form is becoming read only, is it the normal behaviour?

Thank you.

Hi, will there be a transition to the npm package simpl-schema ?

Hello @coniel, I reccommend you to use this package instead of yours: github.com/vazco/uniforms/. It is the best form generator for React right now, it supports simple-schema v1 & v2, GraphQL, and includes components for bootstrap, semantic-ui and unstyled.