Package Boilerplate


As I begin to build more and more packages, I would like to know if anyone has come across or developed a boilerplate for the packages’ file.

I find packages that contain these elements to be very well documented and resourceful, and really help when determining if the package itself will meet the needs/demands of my project.

  • Description of the package
  • Basic API of commonly used methods within the package
  • Quick examples of how to implement and use the package
  • Links referencing more detailed information of the package.

Here is a tentative package structure I have created. I would like for the communities input , on if this is good structure and what you would change about it.

Package Structure

  • package
    • [lib]
      • [module1]
        • module1.js
        • module1_client.js
        • module1_server.js
        • module1.html
        • module1.less
      • [global]
        • router.js
        • collections.js
        • helpers.js
        • events.js
      • [assets]
        • images
        • fonts
    • [docs]
    • [tests]
      • app_client_test.js
      • app_server_test.js
    • package.js