Package Scan Web Tool

This past week I’ve decided to put a little more love into my east5th:package-scan project. In an attempt to lower the barrier of entry for using the tool, I’ve given it a super-simple web interface. Check it out at!

The tool lets you select or drop in a Meteor versions file, which will then be compared against the list of packages with known security issues. If any matches are found, it’ll display those vulnerable package alerts on the page.

I made a conscious decision to not send versions files to the server to do the scanning. Instead, I pull the alerts.json file into the browser, along with a browserfied version of semver, and run the scan directly in on the client. This way, the users’ versions files never leave their browser.

Be sure to try it out, and more importantly, contribute if you know of any vulnerable package versions that we’re not reporting!

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