[Package] See exactly what your users are doing with xolvio:inspectlet

Inspectlet allows you to track user interaction on your site and gives lets you see exactly what they’re doing (or not doing) so you can learn and evolve your app to suite their needs. This tool is as close as you’re going to get to sitting behind your users as they work!

Check out Inspectlet here

xolvio:inspectlet is a package that wraps Inspectlet and gives it to you in an easy to use, all integrated Meteor package. It wires up everything you need out of the box and allows you the flexibility of customizing the data you send.

Check out the package and docs here


Those heatmaps look v. impressive!

Even more impressive when you see each session and spot there’s an issue with your UX design

@sam that’s awesome! On our old PHP website, Clicktale was invaluable to help us understand which parts of our app/site were confusing to users and how to tailor the best possible UI experience for our proprietary innovations.

When we switched to Meteor, I kept saying I’d find time to do a Meteor integration, but it just never happened. Inspectlet seems a lot simpler, cheaper, and their free tier looks like an absolute pleasure for getting started. Having a packaged Meteor integration for this is another invaluable contribution to the community, so thank you so much for this.

I was just looking for something like this after adding some activity tracking to my app to aid in customer service, I’ll be playing around with this today!

Thank you for the thoughtful words @gadicc. Writing packages is a little like cooking. It’s only worth it when it’s for more people! I’m super happy that you are finding this useful, and you too @jasonxeno.