Package system changing function parameters

Particularly nasty (specific function fails with very unhelpful error message).
Very easy to see and repro.
Meteor is adding a blank space to a function parameter.

In a new project:
meteor add pdftk:pdftk
Run meteor and inspect the pdftk_pdftk.js Meteor package system has generated. It lives in
line 70 has a blank space appended to ‘fill_form’ the second parameter
return PDFTK.execute([pdf, 'fill_form ', xfdf, ‘output’, output], callback);

If you examine the source of the package on GitHub, you can see the original file is fine and not the source of the bad parameter.

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It looks like the package has been fixed, but has not been published to atmosphere. You could try contacting the package author to encourage a republish!

I already added cloning git repo to my local dir as early step in any troubleshooting.
Too many times I looked on github code and felt stupid why something is not working just cause people dont publish updates.

Thank you! That must be the problem (they haven’t updated atmosphere. What is ‘funny’ is that this package is suppose to be the ‘official’ one. I will just clone it and use it myself.

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It might be the ‘official’ one, but that doesn’t guarantee they put meteor package into their build pipeline