Package to include compatibility javascript


I am trying to write a package right now that needs to add some legacy javascript library that used to work by putting it into the client/compatibility folder.

How do I specify in the package.js file that a particular asset needs to be in compatibility mode?


Excellent question. I’m running into this problem this evening as well. Did you ever figure this out? Anybody else know how to do this?


Never got an answer, nor figured it out, unfortunately.


Looking at the code, using

api.addFiles('bootstrap3-wysihtml5.all.js', 'client',{bare: true});

should work, but it does not. This very same file fails when using in a package this way, but succeeds when adding to client/compatibility folder of the app.

Doesn’t anybody know how to include a 3rd party file in a package?


Maybe api.export helps to export the variable of your 3rd party library.


This is a jQuery extension. When the library is loaded, the function is there, but something inside the code hasn’t initialized properly. My suspicion that {bare: true} is not working is in the fact that when the library is in the client/compatibility folder it shows up in the list of resources in the browser, but when I api_add it, it shows up wrapped inside .js of my package.


turns out the file I was loading had multiple libraries included, not just the jQuery extension. I was able to hack the include on make it work.

Bottom line however, {bare: true} is not the same as client/compatibility folder.

So the question remains.