Package to save locally collections

my application allows users to page through a lot of records, each new page is a new subscription and all documents of previous pages are lost.

I wanted to solve this problem by allowing users to instantly charge keeping previous pages without deleting documents

The first solution that came to mind was SubsManager but I had a problem, I could not differentiate between documents of the current page and documents of previous pages, if each page had 20 documents and changed were 40 documents in the same template like an infinite pagination, this was very annoying and also each client kept many subscriptions

After searching and finding nothing, I decided to create my own solution that allows me to keep all the above documents and re-show when you visit the same page.
My package doesn’t keep subscriptions only the documents so they aren’t reactive while the user is not watching them but they are reactive again when the user visit the same page because re-subscribe.

I consider my package is quite useful (at least for my case has been) and I wonder if someone else need it, currently has no documentation or repository but perhaps worth upload and document it

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