Packages for Packages

When Are the Dependancies

We clearly often need access to meteor specific functionality, or core libraries such as livedata, Blaze etc, unless you’re creating a library wrapper or writing some pure javascript functionality that’s useful in a meteor app or another package.

Is there a clear singular up to date reference for which standard packages are available, what they do, and where they should be included (client, server, both etc)?

are the ones listed on a fresh install whats available? are there any automatic / transparent package dependancies ?

Are these only dependancies sometimes?

recently while working on one or two packages guessing at their dependancies, I noticed I had written one without livedata as an explicit dependancy and yet methods and publications where fine, and another with CSS, but not a mention of any standard-minifiers in the package.js. A happy coincidence?

I feel like I’m guessing

Not being clear about this leaves me feeling like I’m guessing, which as a developer is an incredibly awful experience. can we make the black magic stop?