Packages that are not updated when running metoer

I alter some code in a package at
The thing is , after I alter the code and run “meteor” in the command line the changes are not implemented, I even deleted the whole package mentioned before and run the app and it was like … nothing happened, it’s like the application have some sort of a cache of the packages that he doesn’t have to go to that path to get them , instead it uses what it had from it before.
Can anyone please explain this to me ? What’s happening here ?

Not sure exactly what is happening here, maybe you are editing a new version or it is overriding your changes as the integrity doesn’t check and it gets the correct version again from Atmosphere or you are editing it in the wrong bundle…

Still that is not a way to edit a package for your needs. If you need to make a change in a package you get the source code from Github (or somewhere) and then place the package into your apps packages directory (so it will live in your app under ./packages/accounts-ui-unstyled). Then you make your changes and Meteor will get the local version of the package.

I have created the “/packages” folder in the folder of the app and placed “\accounts-ui-unstyled” inside and still the changes have not been updated.

Worst case increase the version number and run meteor update and make sure that there is a comment in the update that it is using the local version.