Page doesn't load content on first go

Hi everyone ,
One of the pages on my web is not loading with content on its first appears as blank white page. When i reload that page content loads perfectly. page is a normal in functionalities which is similar to other pages on web. Can some one suggest what might have caused this issue.i am using iron router for routing purpose.

Or may be a script with which i can reload this page twice(only this page not other pages). i tried setting a “Session.setPersistant();” as true when that page is clicked and then checking if value was true, when page render. if value was true, then setting it false and loading page.
this is not working for me as function is getting called from 30+ places and i cant put this session setting logic everyone. So Can someone help.

Thanks in advance to everyone in Meteor community, who put their effort to help others. it has been more then 6 months since i started and i learnt a lot from here. so thanks everyone.

I think we’ll need to see some code.

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