Page not loading when loading data from Mongo

My Meteor application works totally fine other than one of the page. It will be stuck when I navigate to the page, not even exiting the view I navigate from. (Am using IronRouter in case you want to know) Also, neither does console or CLI is showing any errors.

I have no trouble using console.log to display the data and displaying hard coded data. The page only becomes unresponsive when I switch the data to display from Mongo. (refer to the code below)

Can’t figure what is wrong.

Template.alist.helpers({ afind() { console.log('hello?', myLocalMongo.findOne({_id:specificId})) //return myLocalMongo.findOne({_id:specificId}); return {hello:[1,2,3],bye:[],hai:{bai:[1,2,3]}}; }

I am using Spacebar to display the data in a recursive format. Might it be caused by the amount of recursion it requires to display all data that is slowing the load time as the page is now just stuck in loading, instead of getting stuck.