Pages are unable to render

Hello everyone,
I have set up iron router in the app and placed proper routes wherever required. But when any button/link is clicked, it is unable to load the page and gives the followin error in the console log:

Exception from Tracker recompute function:
debug.js:41 Error: no domrange
at DynamicTemplate._attachEvents (dynamic_template.js:319)
at (dynamic_template.js:303)
at Controller (controller.js:30)
at new Controller.extend.constructor (route_controller.js:14)
at ctor (iron_core.js:88)
at Function.Route.createController (route.js:142)
at Function.Router.createController (router.js:198)
at Function.Router.dispatch (router_client.js:93)
at onLocationChange (router_client.js:182)
at Tracker.Computation._compute (tracker.js:323)

I am unable to understand the error.
Kindly help me out.
Thank you in advance.


There were few unnecessary things n the head which were linking the project to external libraries. That was causing the problem.