[Paid] Looking for a meteor mentor to advise on side-project

Hey All,

I’m new to meteor and looking for someone who can provide mentorship & advice as I build a side project. It’s a personal project – and purely a learning exercise for me. I’ve completed a few tutorials (official tutorials, docs, discover meteor) but I’ve always found I learn (and retain) much better when I have a mentor – someone providing insights into best practices, pointing out common errors, challenging me to re-think my approach, etc.

I’m open to ideas but I imagine the structure looking something like this:

  • I’ll pre-pay for X number of tutoring hours, which I’ll use as I build the project. I’d like to write all the code – but can certainly use an extra set of eyes for questions, problems I run into, and recommendations.
  • Workflow will be almost entirely async: I’ll check in code & ask questions as I go. You can review / comment as you find time. (Maybe we can setup a weekly 30 min sync-up where I can aggregate & ask questions at once; but I don’t mind doing things completely async if easier.)

It’d be great to work w/ someone who has a passion for teaching. (And can put up with my ignorant questions!) I have experience building SPAs with JS (3/5), HTML (4/5) and CSS (4/5); but I’m certainly no expert, and have very little experience on the backend. I’m not a full-time developer; just someone who enjoys building things :).

The project

  • A simple app that provides travel recommendations based on global currency movements (e.g. The South African Rand has depreciated 50% in the last month against the USD; it’s at a 10-year low; now’s a GREAT time to visit if you live in the U.S.). Will use 3rd party APIs to consume currency data.

If this sounds interesting, please post here and I’ll PM you. Or feel free to PM me direct. Thanks so much!


Could you maybe summarize what kind of insight you’re hoping to achieve? I’d like to help, but don’t really know if I’m qualified to teach within the scope you’re expecting :smile:

@Goatic, sure thing. I finished up the specs for the MVP. I’m keeping it quite basic to begin with so that I can get something out the door. (I’m also very new to Meteor so trying to temper my ambitions… What’s that saying… “Perfect is the enemy of the good”… ha)

I’m open-sourcing my process along the way. In case anyone is curious (or bored), here’s the PRD:

CurrencyTraveler - MVP - Product Requirements