[paid work] Telegram clone iOS app


Hi everyone!

I’m frequently getting project offers from existing and new clients and also evaluating job postings for contract work on certain freelance sites.

I used to look for work only for myself, but recently it so happened that I’ve begun growing a small team, and there’s also the thought that I could pull in even more work than I or my (growing) team can handle, and so why not invite those of you who are wanting to do paid Meteor development work to look at some of the projects I encounter and see if there’s someone who’d like to do that and/or join together with either myself or others in order to accomplished what the client desires…

So I thought I’d just start the conversation with the first posting of such a prospective project:

Telegram clone iOS App using Telegram API

Our prospective client would like to have built (basically) a clone of the Telegram app for iOS, using the Telegram API.

They do not specify a need for native, so based on Meteor/Cordova would be fine.
As I understand it so far, what is most important to the client is that the app generally works just like Telegram/WhatsApp, and is created quickly and with relatively low cost.

In order to be selected we would be expected to express with reasonable confidence what the minimal timeframe and cost to completion would be, and that would of course have to generally match the client’s expectations.
In the project posting the client set a budget of up to €1500 but expressed that this is not final since they don’t really have a good understanding of how much effort would be involved in creating such an app and are open to paying whatever the developer deems appropriate if it can be made believable to them.


If you’re either already doing Meteor-based (or other) professional development work or you’re looking to just get into it and this project & client description speaks to you, then you’re invited to participate in one of these ways:

a) Post here publicly.
b) Send me a private message.

You may just express interest. Even better would be if along with that you would include an estimate of how much time and effort it would take you, personally, to accomplish this project, and (optionally) what you would (or would like to) charge for it.
If you would like to team up, you may express that.
If you feel that you have certain required skills but not others, you may express that.

And if you have any other kind of feedback or contribution, then feel free to express that as well.

Ideally the outcome that I imagine from this is that at least one individual or (maybe even better) a small group of community members, come up with a specific project proposal (or is “bid” the more appropriate word?) and implementation plan that I would relay to the client, adding a bit of my own personal magic sauce that would win us the project and allow the community of professional Meteor developers to grow and prosper just a tiny bit more.

However you would like to contribute to that, you are invited to do so!