Pair Program to learn Meteor

Hey Guys,

I am new to Meteor and m loving it! .
I would like to join with someone who has started learning Meteor as well , to work together discussing and sharing wat we have learned . Also try building small apps to practice .

If anyone interested , please get in touch .

I at Beginner Level .

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No beginners here ! :disappointed_relieved:

Would love to!

It would be quite awesome if there would be a handful people willing too.

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Yeah it would be a great learning experience for everyone who joins.

So How far you have reached with Meteor ? Any app you did ?
Message me your skype and lets get started

How can I pm? Cant see any buttons :smiley:

click on my name and you will see a pop for messaging

Cant see one.

Can only see “Basic, First flag, Editor”

click my name on the above post and you will see a pop with message link .

Btw I have messaged you .

Put me on the list. New to meteor but love it compared to other frameworks I have used.

I’d love to join as well! I’ve done a handful of tutorials and now I’m starting to move on to some small projects to really drive home the concepts.

wish I could make time for mentoring, but daytime job preoccupies

There’s a Meteor channel in this Slack chat:

@dylanmsanders yes we can share our knowledge and work together to learn more.Added you on skype

I’m interested in this as well. Anyone here in NYC?

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@brendan I am from india .You can join me on skype,if you like…

Hi Shail,

I am also new to Meteor, however I have built quite a few demo apps. Would love to join and discuss any new possible demo.

I am from India also.

Let me know if anything comes up.

Not exclusively for Meteor, but Meteor is a primary tool choice in our Live-Projects Mentoring Program.

You can apply to get mentored on and work with real-world live-projects in big-data analytics that use Meteor in combination with many other technologies (R, Python, Natural Language Processing, Image processing, ElasticSearch, …).

It is an invitation-only based Free program sponsored by industry for qualified personnel. Go ahead and join.

You guys may try MadEye or ScreenHero.

@thandaanada Got time . Send me your skype and mob. Will get in touch with you.