Pair Programming for Fakebook App

Hello, my name is Victor, 32 years old, 1 year experience in coding, and i am making my first Meteor app, an Facebook copy and i would like to pair program it with someone else if interested so we can learn by doing.

My app right now has custom signup, login, and create an post for now.

The routing is made with React Router

My final goal is to apply for a job as a developer at Facebook with my Fakebook, so i want to implement more functionality to it that the real Facebook.

Thank you,

try meteor university. Send me your email and I can invite you to the slack channel. Its free. And you will probably get someone to pair programme

If your plan is to work at facebook, I would learn big-data and large-scale, graph theory, neural networks.

thank you so much. My email is

Thank you for the advice, at least i have an ideea where to start now :slight_smile: