Paranoid browser security settings and Meteor app

If a user chooses to not accept cookies, which in Safari also disables local storage, a Meteor website doesn’t work and shows a not very helpful message. Is there any way for Meteor to show a better error or instructions?

That’s Iron Router which is showing that message. Normal Meteor shows nothing at all :stuck_out_tongue:
So just go fork Iron Router!
Or you could check yourself if cookies are blocked and show a message. Maybe in a separate script that you put in <head> so that it will still run if Meteor crashes.

It would be nice if Meteor didn’t just crash without any message when local storage is blocked though…

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True that - it would be nice if it could consider all situations, like JavaScript being disabled, cookies not working, or a browser being unsupported.

I actually need to correct my report of Meteor not working. It does work with the mentioned paranoid security settings (there are error messages, but the site continues).

The reason I was seeing the error was that I used localStorage directly, which failed and crashed my site before the routes could be defined.

I now simply inform the user that the browser security settings are a bit paranoid, something like this :slight_smile:

WebApp.hasLocalstorage = (function(){
    var test = 'test';
    try {
        localStorage.setItem(test, test);
        return true;
    } catch(e) {
        return false;

 if(!WebApp.hasLocalstorage) {
  alert('You are too paranoid! Please change the security settings of your browser to allow local storage');
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