Parrot - a router specially designed for building SPAs using Meteor

I’m happy to share the newly updated Parrot router.

Back when the Meteor router debate began, I decided to skip the whole thing and use Reactive-Dict for managing state. I really enjoyed it, but it had some major drawbacks: application state was not transparent or transferable, and browser navigation did not work.

Parrot emerged as a response to wanting something simple, like a router that just calls functions, and the need to manage UI state in a fine-grained way, like you might do with Reactive-Dict. It combines the two concepts into one tool, but you can use it however you’d like.

Parrot is especially nice to use with Blaze and Template-level subscriptions. The parameters are reactive, thanks to Reactive-Dict, so you can expect it to work well with other front-end frameworks as well.


I was planning to create a simple application, with 3-4 views and a reading of local files, and I was afraid to bring out the big guns with Flow-Router or Iron-Router, so I am glad to find your post. Thanks for the sharing !

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This is beautiful, looking forward to trying it out instead of FlowRouter. Well done!

Hello @msavin is there any way we can do history.back() like in iron:router? Thank you!

Hmm, do not have that, but isn’t there some kind of native browser-back API in JavaScript?

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