Parsing array in Template

I’m trying to store an array in my template that I passed in using a Template helper.

In my template helper, I do this:

  'someArray': function(){
    var array = [ {tic:1,tac:2  }, {tic:3,tac:4}, {tic:5,tac:6}];
    return array;

In my template
< template name=“someTemplate”>
< script> var arr = {{someArray}};
</ template>

but I get a syntax error. I have tried returning a JSON.parse(array) but that also doesn’t work. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

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Didn’t try, but what you are trying to do should return a plain string. So try JSON.stringify(array)

That said, trying to mutate JS in Meteor template seems weird and possibly a wrong use pattern. What are you trying to achieve?

You can only “bind variables” in a template with {{#with}}, {{#let}} or {{#each ... in }}

Lets assume we have a {{ log x }} helper which you can declare as follows
UI.registerHelper('log', s => { console.log(s) })

Then you can write

<template name="someTemplate">
{{#with someArray}}
   {{log this}} // this = [1, 2, 3]


<template name="someTemplate">
{{#let array=someArray}}
   {{ log array }} // array = [1, 2, 3]


<template name="someTemplate">
{{#each element in someArray}}
   {{log element}} // element = 1, element = 2, element = 3
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thank you very much!