[PARTIALLY SOLVED] Accounts UI reset password

This seems like a no-brainer but I can’t find the information to answer this…when meteor sends a resetPassword email, there’s a hashbang in the URL. Iron router seems to not like this too much. How can I define the route for this?

I’ve read the last part of the guide that refers to Legacy Browser Support but when I define the configure object I get an undefined.

Is this really that hard to reconcile the meteor generated URL and Iron Router? I’ve read through the discussions regarding appcache but no solution seemed to ever be found.

I did read where Iron.Location.configure({useHashPaths: true}); solved this but I have not found any docs on where to include this declaration, I’ve tried it just about everywhere to no avail.

UPDATE: I still couldn’t get Iron Router + Iron Location to cooperate so I took this solution which worked just fine: