Particle4dev:upload-avatar requires check()

Getting internal server error an save avatar/image:

Exception while invoking method 'updateAvatar' Error: Did not check() all arguments during call to 'updateAvatar'

I do realize this package is very old and no longer maintained but hoping someone had some thoughts, suggestions. I did try to replace/enhance it with @selaias selaias_avatar-upload but got the same error. I tried to create a new “packages” folder at the root of the project with only selaias_avatar-upload.js in there with an edit to include a check() but it seems like it’s ignored, not overriding as suggested in this post.

If I could modify the package source I should be good to go. But maybe the better answer is replacing this functionality (uploading an image to be placed in profile.image)?

Sounds like the errors are coming from the audit-argument-checks package, which doesn’t look like it can be disabled for a particular package or method.

I think your options here are to fork the package locally and add the checks, or remove audit-argument-checks from your app


Thanks @coagmano, I really appreciate your guidance. I forked the package locally and it gave me the ability to modify it as needed.

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