Pass data from peer to peer without collection?


I am trying to pass data from one peer to another peer using meteorjs without creating any collection? I found meteor stream for achiving this task but it doesnot work in meteor 1.3. How to solve this problem?

User to user chat
Arunoda:streams does not work on Meteor 1.3.3 or later. Any alternatives?

Passing data through a collection is easiest. Peer-to-peer is WebRTC, but it’s not supported by all browsers. might be an interesting alternative for you.


@michaelcole I am writing code for SIGNALLING SERVER for webRTC. For that I have to solve this problem. I got one package named “Streamy” which helps to use Sockjs(meteor internal websocket) but there is no good documentation for this library. Is there any alternatives.


Do you mean yuukan:streamy? Because that package is quite well documented, and has a pretty good demo app.


@smeijer Okay, thnx for demo link.


I use meteor collections with their connection set to null. It gives you a collection that allows you to push information for the server to the client but doesn’t save it in mongo. And I manage the client -> server -> client link.


You could check out the meteor custom protocol package.


@diegoolivier Thnx, for you help!


@robfallows Thnx, for your help!