Pass Datatables options in aldeed:tabular


I am trying to pass datatables options to my Tabular instance but nothing seems to work.

The settings I would like to pass are

"sDom": "<'table-responsive't><'row'<p i>>",
"sPaginationType": "bootstrap",
"destroy": true,
"scrollCollapse": true,
"oLanguage": {
"sLengthMenu": "_MENU_ ",
"sInfo": "Showing <b>_START_ to _END_</b> of _TOTAL_ entries"
"iDisplayLength": 5

How do I get these to work?

My code sample:

KM.RegionDatables.Regions= new Tabular.Table({

    name: "RegionList",
    sDom: "<'table-responsive't><'row'<p i>>",
    sPaginationType: "bootstrap",
    collection: KM.Regions,
    columns: [
        {data: "regionTitle", title: "Region Title"},
        {data: "regionCode", title: "Region Code"},
        {data: "focalPoint", title: "Focal Point"},
        {data: "contactEmail", title: "Email"}


Any time I try to pass an option (an example is the code above -sPaginationType: “bootstrap”) get this error:

"Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'fnInit' of undefined"


Take a look here: