Pass image path to server side method?


We’re working on a cloudinary upload. We’re trying to upload on the server side. Their docs say this about image paths:

In cases where images are uploaded by users of your Node.js application through a web form, you can pass the temporary path of the req.files variable:

                               function(result) { console.log(result) });

It seems in node.js there is a way to pass around image paths (req.files). Is there a similar way with Meteor to get the image path? Getting the image path client side is not possible due to security reasons, so I’m wondering how this is done. I. e. how do we pass a file path to a server-side method?


we post from the client to Amazon S3. You can generate a temporary access key for S3 on the server which can be used by the client. Then we retrieve through cloudinary (which allows us to do size transforms, etc.