Passing Document ID

I’m new to meteor.

I have a list of “players” in a players collection(simple bootstrap table of players with a form), that i’m trying to click a button to check them in to the “checkins” collection.

The way that i’m doing it is using a hidden text input in my form with the value of {{_id}} and grabbing it in my javascript file.

I have two questions.

  1. The id is showing up with objectID in it. Example: “ObjectID(“5688129e8ca90ec3041d75ed”)”. Will this make a difference when trying to access the document, shouldn’t it be “id :5688129e8ca90ec3041d75ed” ?
  2. Is what i’m doing with the hidden input the best way to get the id from a document? I am coming from Laravel, so i’m used to routes and it’s a little confusing.

Thank you for you help in advance. I’m loving meteor so far.