Passing props to the layout component

Pretty sure I have solved this before, but have now forgotten how to do it…

I want to pass props into my page layout component.
This is where I will subscribe to collections for any components within this component.

See what I am trying to do here:


App Layout component:

Shouldn’t this work?
When I do a console.log(this.props) in the export const AppLayout = createContainer ... bit I get undefined.

Any help.
I don’t really even know how to describe what is happening here.
Not sure if this is a meteor challenge, or a more broad challenge with react components…

I have used a workaround at the moment.
In my example I didn’t really need to use props because I can just use flowrouter.getParams().
Just wondering how I could do it if I wanted to.

Any particular reason why you are using FlowRouter?
I guess there are no replies to your problem yet because ReactRouter as pretty much established itself as the standard in the React-world. You could maybe think about switching over to ReactRouter as it is properly maintained and everything … depends on your codebase if this is easily possible.

Yeah that’s a fair point!

I haven’t ever tried it, I used flow router from the old days with blaze. never fried to use react router.

I might look into swapping routers. first thing in going to google is tutorials for migrating between them.