PassportJS / Custom Oatuh2.0 Authentication (Wrike API)

Hi there.

Can anyone give a quick example on how to setup a custom login using oauth2.0 ?

I want to connect to Wrike through their API:

So far I have been looking at integrating through passportjs, but are there another, more preferable way ?

Any suggestions are welcome.


Like we answered you on Slack, there’s plenty of oauth2 custom packages on Atmosphere with open source code. Most of them based on the same schema. It’s difficult to learn Meteor properly without reading source code of existing packages or applications, just like with any other stack/framework.

Thanks Brajt! I look at some of the existing packages.

Few examples from Atmosphere:

For a more guide-like resource here’s this one:

I had asked @sashko that they should make an article on the Meteor Guide for this sort of stuff.


That is definitely helpful! I got how the basics works now.

Thats a great resource Lai! Thanks for sharing that.

That’s a very nice article, @robfallows good job!

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