Password stored in plain text for accounts-password

I’ve been using and relying on accounts-base and accounts-password except recently I discovered that when I create a user, a clear text password seems to be stored in the DB as well…

A simple call as the following on server side: Accounts.createUser({username: “asd”, password: “asd”});
And i see the following created:

meteor:PRIMARY> use meteor
switched to db meteor
meteor:PRIMARY> db.users.find()
{ “_id” : “uuwxQmdJX7A56CHJ5”, “createdAt” : ISODate(“2016-05-29T18:53:40.547Z”), “services” : { “password” : { “bcrypt” : “$2a$10$Lo.pz3Ro9PlZaFBkQ7ETkuvXNWC6CjxoZ//hCWbXG/wtxM909k9lC” } }, “username” : “asd”, “password” : “asd” }

Meteor update says i’m up-to-date. I know that this wasn’t an issue for me a month ago. Anyone else getting this? Am i missing something?

Version info:


Had some bad code sneaking up on me by another committer that triggered the behaviour. Problem solved!