Passwordless authentication status

I have read a lot about this meteor feature.
That the user can log in without entering a password.

I implemented this system manually on my site long before this feature was introduced.
But I did it with a lot of code and with difficulty.

The system works exactly like this:

  • The mobile number is received from the user and the authentication code is sent to him (if the user does not exist, it is created)

  • In the next step, if the user enters the submitted code, he will be logged in.

My question is exactly, can I do this with this new meteor package?
That my code will be less and stronger?

It’s not important that it’s inside my mechanism.
- Users can go back to step one and change their mobile number or request sending SMS again.
- Of course, users can not request to send a text message twice in 2 minutes and they are warned that you have to wait at least 2 minutes.

Hi @saeeed, currently accounts-passwordless sends an email to the user with the authentication code so they can log into the app.

You could build a package that sends an SMS, if you want to learn how, you can watch this Youtube video where @renanccastro and @filipenevola worked on a package to use SMS and Twilio to send the code to users.

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Can these two issues also be created?