PatternLab & React.js, Sittin' in a Tree

Have any of you used Pattern Lab {} with React? It’s a style-guide and CSS-framework generator based on Brad Frost’s Atomic Design methodology.

It seems really cool, and appropriate for the post-“webpage” world, and more than that, it seems like it would go hand-in-hand with React.

From what I can tell, Pattern Lab is to design as React.js is to front-end UI development: it’s all about breaking complex UIs and layouts down into individual, manageable components.

If anyone has tried it, I’m curious to hear any feedback you might have.


PatternLab looks awesome you could check out some of these other projects as well.
It looks like PatternLab is better at nesting components.
I have been keeping an eye on the space but have not done anything yet.
I too would enjoy hearing about any one’s experience so far.

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