Patterns for keeping remote API data synced locally

I have one project that I started without much direction or knowledge where I keep two separate remote APIs in sync with my local collections. I’m about to start another project and I want to see if there is a standard way to keep remote information identical with the local MongoDB collections. One of the APIs ( I’ll be pulling from uses _id’s as the record id’s so I probably won’t have to mess with that data when getting it, however there will be other APIs (my local bank and others) that aren’t as friendly.

I’m really just looking for some direction, maybe some resources. I have read a MongoDB book and taken some advice from @arunoda’s bullet proof meteor I’m still not confident I’m breaking my collections in the right places and separating the data in the best way.

Could you share an example of the sort of data you’re trying to sync and how your collections look at the moment? It’d be helpful to see so we can give the right answer :smile:

Also, is the question here only about managing data in your local database, or also about the act of getting data into the database (e.g. how do I keep everything in sync when the a change occurs on the remote API)?