Payments in meteor

What do you use to process payments or subscription plans with credit cards?

Except for stripe is there any other solution (Stripe do not work in my country yet, so I look for similar solutions in Israel)? Is there any easy integration solutions or packages?

" Companies incorporated in Israel can’t use Stripe for payment processing. They currently work with 25 countries around the world. BlueSnap can provide payments for businesses incorporated in Israel . BlueSnap has a local office in Israel along with offices in the US and EU."


I’ve integrated into my app. Not sure if it has similar country restrictions. Integration is fairly easy.

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We use braintree via their node and browser npm packages.

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Yeah, I have read the braintree docs and it does seem as the best option. I was just wondering what other options are out there and am I missing some obvious better solution.

We integrate for payment process, but it was for the Mexican market.

We use I’m not sure if they work with Israeli-based companies (we’re US based), but they cover a lot of countries so they’re worth a look. Easy to integrate. And among several helpful features, they provide a customizable checkout popup, which takes a big chunk of dev off your plate.