Pdfmake Package for Meteor (+ a Question)



Package on Atmosphere


Pdfmake let’s you easily generate pdf documents on the client.
It also provides quite a lot of useful Features to achive layouts and (some) styling.


In one of my recent projects I needed pdf-generation.
I found, that the suggested solutions where either too simple (jsPdf - no acceptable layout & styling) or too complex (ssr + phantomjs + webshots) for my usecase/skill-level.

After some research I found that pdfmake would be the perfect solution for me.

And since it wasn’t available on Atmosphere:
I decided that I can finally give something back to the community by creating a package for it :slight_smile:


It’s my first Package and I’m a bit unsure if this is built correctly.
If you look at the files over at Github you’ll see that it’s quite… err… simple. :smile:

Is this actually an acceptable way to publish a package?