Percolate:find-from-publication and Meteor.users

I’m having a few issues with the percolate:find-from-publication package since upgrading to 1.3. Ranging from data not appearing or too much data being shown.

Some places I found that .stop() on the handle for a subscription will erase all the data even though the same subscription is invoked later on. This use case occurs when you are doing a resolve on a UI-Router to get the initial data set before displaying the page and subscribing to the same data set again to get updates To get around that I am just not closing the handle on the resolve which isn’t something I’d like to do but doing so makes things work.

Another issue I found in another part of the application is the search filters are not being executed correctly on the server side, the whole data set is being retained regardless of changes to the subscription. It could be related to the fact I had not closed the previous handler and now there are two subscriptions with the same name that are active except one would have a different parameter set that retained all the data because there were no data filters.

Maybe it’s a good idea to create an issue in the package’s github repository?

I already have one. Though I noticed it had no updates since October 2015. And I wanted to check with the community in general if they had encountered any other issues is 1.3.

I looked at the code and I didn’t see anything special that would cause the issue so it may be some behaviour that is new in 1.3

I made a fork of the project and applied a fix for it though I am not sure if it is a valid fix or not. Perhaps someone can review the PR.