Perfomance Issues with Meteor video stream app

I have a video based meteor website and due my users are reporting that they are not able to view the cctv video. There could be multiple reasons for this issue and below is ranked based on the most likely issues.

  1. Low internet/3G connection at some place
  2. Meteor slowing up the loading of the cctv links
  3. Users using a non-standard browser

I am trying to see if meteor website is the best technology for this use case or should I use node js / even a native app to solve the above problems. is the website I have built.

For problem 1 : I am trying to see if I can put in some logic to calculate the internet speed and if the internet speed is not meeting an expected threshold, I will throw a message to user to try a place with better internet connection. Along with this to give a friendly experience to the user I am planning to use pcel:loading package to gracefully handle the latency of the page moving from login button click to actual video load. I need help to implement this as I dont see any documentation on how pcel:loading can be opened and closed between page/template transitions

  1. For problem 2 I am not sure if there is any way to figure out why there could be a meteor issue as I have removed all unwanted packages like autopublish off, added meteor hacks fast render etc, All the website does is get the cctv video stream url from an api and renders the video stream on the meteor html template. So really cant think of any other reason why meteor could be slowing things down.

I am not worried about the third problem for now.

Can some one pls help me to get better clarity on 1 and 2 problems? Also would appreciate any thought on if meteor is the right platform for this usecase. As I think native app is the best solutions.