Persistent route/params/queryParams on reload for FL


Is there any package which maintain user’s last route/params/queryParams ?
So when I open homepage/app again it redirect me to his last location ?

If not, I am thinking about hacking something together.
1 autorun, which fire function for example saveRouterState() on every URL change.
And inside function debounce(30s/config) save it to mongodb.
Than bootstrap this settings on user’s login if you are on homepage and there is saved last state.

What do you think, any related functionality which would be valuable or problems ?
@arunoda - maybe u know if there is something like that already

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you can store the location or any info (not sensitive one, of course) in local storage via localStorage.setItem and localStorage.getItem, then you can fetch info for corresponding user when they login again. Hope it help

well, still same pattern, just store destination is different.
But I feel it is more UX friendly to save it once per user so you can start on mobile while walking home, than open it on notebook and continue.
Without pasting direct links in Evernote or FB messengering them to fake account :smiley:

Maybe store the global state in server (if you are using redux) if a user is logout or exist the page?