Phaser.js + Meteor.js


been trying to integrate Phaser.js into meteor because im trying to
create an app where you create a post and it falls into the Phaser.js
world with physics etc, just to play around with both of them.

The problem im having, is no matter how i try get phaser.js into
Meteor, my Meteor simply will not get past the creating web server. It
simply freezes and node in the task manger goes to 100% and nothing
changes till i kill it.

Even if i try ‘hotload’ into Phaser.js with an already running meteor server, it simply freezes everything like it does during loadup(Building for web.browser).

Ive read a lot of articles of people successfully doing this and ive tried all the methods ive found. Including the js file myself in the html and all the pkgs on atmosphere.js. Ive tried NPM and browsify, it all results in the same freeze at

If anyone knows how to get this to work i would greatly appreciate some assistance.


I am using gnomathibus:meteor-phaser. I had trouble once with it getting stuck on Linking, but it has been working fine since then.

You could try loading it from a cdn then Meteor wouldn’t process it.