PhP + MySQL + Laravel + Meteor?

Hello everyone!

Im a devoted PhP Developer and Laravel Newbie, interested in learning the possibilities of a potential “matrimony” between the top four topics in my questions title. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a MySQL database with PhP as the backend, while using Meteor and all of its glory for the front end?

Thank you guys and Can’t wait to see what you have to say!


Meteor is mongodb only at the moment.

Having said that, what you could do is write a high performance API with Go or whatever that reads/writes to MongoDB. Then your web can be Meteor and consume the database.

Meteor will automagically sniff out database changes and reflect them in the UI.

This sounds like a massive headache. You’re better off just using React as the front end, since that’s where Meteor is going as a view layer anyway.

Awesome guys, yea I’m totally new to javascript and all that it entitles so I’m sure I may of come off sounding very inexperienced in the matter. So what I’m really looking for is something that I can use with my PhP and Mysql + to develop the front end. I found this crazy list of javascript options and I wasn’t quite sure what would suite me best if I am building a company that will have a website + IOS iPhone App and an Android App.

Don’t think of Meteor as jQuery. Think of Meteor in terms of Laravel, Rails, CodeIgniter, etc. Meteor is an all-in framework.

kk, could I developer IOS and android apps with it, and could it be used in the Webstorm IDE. Also could it be used with PhP and MySQL if I set up an API like the one you mentioned above?

I don’t know much about mobile dev with Meteor.

In theory it can be done, but you lose most of Meteor benefits while having to reinvent a lot of stuff, so it’s pointless. If you really need to stay with Laravel, just go for React or Angular2 as a frontend.

That said, I used to be into PHP and I know Laravel and trust me, since I dropped it in favor of Meteor, I haven’t missed it for a second.


Well you loose the benefit of relational databases via MySQL though, don’t you?

If you call that a benefit, then yes. But personally I don’t miss MySQL - what I gain with Meteor is much more important for me than that.