Pigments looking for Meteor developer. Let's build a webcomponents ecosystem for Meteor!

Calling all the Meteorites to make an impact! We’re a startup called Pigments​. We have just launched our site www.pigments.io and are taking it for a test spin. What do we do? We help you find and book print shops in South East Asia, taking the hassle out of printing.

Here’s an in-depth medium post why we’re doing this and what you can expect:

Our site is built on top of Meteor and Polymer, though the Meteor part is still very vague, schemas not fixed properly, really lots for you to build here. I’m not going to lie, the Meteor part is crap. But there’s not much of it, so you can build it your way.

But the Polymer part is pretty neat. Yes, you heard right: This is built with Polymer + Meteor. Do you want to work for perhaps the first startup that actually launched a Meteor/Polymer app into production? Then join us. Your responsibilities are mostly going to be the backend, perhaps a bit of frontend for Polymer.

How do we code our app? We try to seperate Polymer and Meteor as much as possible and use Polymer for everything view related. Meteor gets thrown in here and there as the sugarcoating on top, to have a user system for example. We barely use packages, we want to encourage writing reusable components that make use of Meteor specific features.

Experience with algorithms would be highly preferred, since our site as of now is very dumb. It is an MVP after all, however, we need someone to make the site really smart for our customers and partners.

Aside from that, you’ll also work on helping with a tighter/better integration of Polymer/Meteor. There’s not many people world-wide that know how to code this app like we did it. We are going to push the limits of Polymer & webcomponents when used with Meteor. That’s why we’re going to play an active role in contributing to make Meteor, Polymer and a future Router (if necessary) work. That means, you are going to be actively involved in improving the Meteor ecosystem. Anyone who’s up for a challenge raise your hands and drop me a line via andreas@pigments.io or direct message!