PIPEDA and Canadian Applications with data privacy

Is anyone hosting their Canadian application, for use by Canadians on Meteor Cloud. How does the law apply to data transfer thru US server back to a Canadian hosted database?

Hello @wadebuildotto , how are you?

Can you tell me if the hosting where you host your database is PIPEDA compliant? I know MongoDB Atlas is compliant!

One of the principles of PIPEDA is also to have encryption at all ends. Does the communication between your application and the database use any encryption with a self-signed certificate?

For example:

I see that PIPEDA recommends having the servers in Canada for the data storage, in terms of transfer I think I need to pass the data always encrypted.

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Hello Phillippe,
Yes I have setup mongo thru Atlas in Montreal CA, it would be nice to also have the meteor instance to run at the same location, to both lower latency and have it on this side of the border, but I understand the cost factor. I’ll have a look at the self signed certificate, looks like it should be a good fit.

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