Placeholder for Images before full load

I have this not yet running . How I add a placeholder for images before the pages fully load ,like the one on spotify web.

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Anybody ? I thought this was common

I wouldn’t say this is very common. You could create some sort of a component that facilitates this, but I think a much better option would be to optimize the images so that they load faster.

  1. resize images instead of using height/width attributes. Currently the full payload for your site is 9.5MB, 8 of which is the image used in featured artists. A service such as cloudinary is perfect if you need to have many different sizes for an image.

  2. put the image on a different host so that they aren’t download from the same server the rest of the files are being downloaded from, preferably behind a CDN so they are cached and served from the nearest physical location.

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not yet in production yet, thanks though

HAHA, ok then I guess…

If you didn’t see it already, this article may help a bit.

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Thanks for answering the question

Also saw this article…

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You are Genius! :wink:

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