Plain Meteor FTW

I’ve sent this feedback to Meteor when I visited asking me if I should recommend Meteor to my colleagues/friends. I totally said yes!

Continue to invest in plain Meteor’s current technologies namely:

Apollo is great but it has cognitive overhead just to learn GraphQL. So for me Plain Meteor (or Meteor Classic) is still the best and I hope/wish that MDG will continue to invest on it. Meteor is about simplicity that you only need to know JavaScript, but with Apollo it is not simple anymore. So I urge the MDG team to take a look on this and consider simple over complex. I don’t believe that plain Meteor and MongoDB cannot be scaled. I believe it will be improved but the simplicity remains.

JavaScript All The Way! Plain Meteor FTW!

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Not sure what you are trying to tell us. MDG already made it clear that they invest heavily in Apollo. In a long run they integrate it into Meteor and will offer the experience you have with “plain” Meteor. I encourage you to have a look on this new technologies and understand the incentives they have on developers and MDG itself.

I know the pros of using Apollo/GraphQL. But for me the simplicity of plain Meteor w/out having to create you GraphQL schemas upfront is the best experience I get every time I start developing Meteor-based projects. It’s just plan JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And the backend (MongoDB) is also in JavaScript language which makes everything super simple.

And if I want to have schema/types/validation on my Meteor methods I will just use which is already battle tested.

So yeah, I’m not saying Apollo is not a good thing. I’m just saying that plain Meteor is still of my taste. And now I’m having confidence when I read this post from @sashko :blush:

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And yes, I’m also excited with Apollo being nicely integrated with Meteor.