Planable - collaborative platform for social media content

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we are launching Planable a content collaboration platform for social media marketing teams, that is entirely built on Meteor. Currently it is used by big brands, agencies, startups and teams from across the world.

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Our experience with Meteor
My experience with Meteor has been great so far, I am absolutely loving it, as a solo developer it empowered me to ship the first version very fast and start beta testing with our first clients. We are using Meteor Galaxy and MongoDB Atlas and I could not be happier, to not deal with deployment and scaling and rather focus on product and UX. Galaxy handled the Product Hunt traffic spike really well, though we fine-tuned reactivity, methods and pub/sub with Meteor APM.

What we are looking forward to
The next step for us will be to build the mobile apps, and an official or tighter integration with React Native would be gold. As well as more tutorials, demo apps and docs. We are also planning to integrate Apollo & GraphQL, so a migration path or integration would be really helpful. Meteor 1.6 looks really promising and cant wait to upgrade.

I would like say thanks to the MDG team for building and maintaining Meteor, and it is still the best solution for building real-time / collaborative apps like Planable. Also the community is really helpful, @themeteorchef you are a legend, your tutorials got me going when I struggled to grasp the magic of Meteor.


Great work, Nick :slight_smile: This is really well done. Who is handling UI design on your team?

Is this like buffer but less expensive?

Hey Chef! I am doing the design as well, though the UI is based on bootstrap. Thanks!

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We focus more on collaboration and teams, so it’s more like Google Docs or Dropbox Paper but for social media content. We also do scheduling / publishing, but thats just one of the features, as we focus more on workflows and approvals.

Very cool. Looks great.

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Wow! Great Work! This example will definitely boost confident about Meteor platform.

Is it possible to share the list of the meteor & npm packages you used? So it will reduce people a lot of time finding the right packages to use.

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I love it @nickgudumac!

One quick thing I noticed though, on my desktop (iMac) the ‘back to top’ button is almost hidden behind the chat button.

But honestly I love the design, good job :+1:

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So are you using templates or React - or both?

I started with Blaze and then gradually moved to React, now it’s mostly React.

Thanks! Removed the back to top button now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, then. Double-nice work :slight_smile: looks really great.