Planning on Adding Sign In With Apple?

I was reading about Sign In With Apple on Mac Rumors. Seems pretty cool.

Anyone else thinking about adding it to their Meteor app? Would be a great addition to accounts

It could prove a popular option with its enhanced security and anonymization features.


if it’s oauth-like, you should be able to wrap it up with the OAuth package. Lots of third party account packages do that.

I have it somewhere on my list of todos, so if no one beats me to it, I will eventually do it.


I have started on it. Will post when I have something working.


Why not take people on board while working on it?

Yes. You’re right. I’ll share my code and we can figure out the last bit together. For some reason the reply in the redirect from Apple that should contain the code and state is empty but only in my meteor oauth implementation and not if test it on another redirect url…

Repo coming tomorrow. I need some sleep…

Ok, my tomorrow spanned a few days. Sorry about that…

But I have working code! Still needs some love but it is something to start from.

The biggest problem I had was that the oauth flow in meteor isn’t built for receiving data in the post body. I had to hack oauth_server.js in the oauth package to allow that. Someone with better knowledge can certainly improve on that code.

The packages are here:

Pull request are most welcome!

I have tested it with success in:
:white_check_mark: desktop chrome

Found out that it’s not yet working in:
:x: ios browsers (ios13 doesn’t use the popup, guessing it will be similar in Safari for macos catalina)

Pretty certain that it needs some love before it works in cordova.


That’s pretty ironic. :laughing:

:wink: yes.
Time to bring out the lightning cable and Safari dev Console…

The login flow is pretty sweet with faceid/touchid.

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Sweet! Please consider adding it to linked accounts:

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Sure. It need some work first though.

Do you have any input on how to best implement the fix for the post body data I mentioned in my post?

I would check Meteor PRs, if I remember correctly there was something along those lines.

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Ah! Here is the PR that should add that capability:


Looks like the package is out:


Yes it’s out and working as intended on chrome, firefox, safari and ios browsers (ie/edge not tested but should work).

I still haven’t had time to look into cordova. Our app is web only and my time is limited…
Started to look at meteor-link-accounts and that is something we need to have working.


If you need help with integrating into link-accounts, let me know, but it should be pretty straight forward.

Yes looks straight forward.
I want to have link-accounts working as intended in our app first and then I’ll create the apple integration.

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@jramer Is this still working for you? Any new changes?

Yes. I have it running in production.

And my PR has been included in 1.10 which will remove the need to use my fork of the oauth-package.

I still haven’t had the time to look at making it work in Cordova, or with link-accounts.

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Thanks for your answer! Apple still pushing this for end of April 2020.